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Non-Air Entrained Concrete

Transcontinental Printing was expanding their Calgary production and warehouse facility. The needed a very durable (abrasion resistant) floor to withstand the heavy forklift traffic of large paper rolls. Inland Concrete added HARD-CEM to the specified non-air entrained concrete at their batch plant at the standard rate of 40kg/m3. The entire 43,000 ft2 floor slab was poured and placed in less than one day with excellent results – a high quality floor showing no shrinkage cracks or curling after curing.

The concrete placers were impressed with the ease of finishing – the concrete was creamier and easier to work with than a comparable mix without HARD-CEM. The floor surface was very “tight” (i.e. non porous, well sealed) demonstrating high bleed-water control and requiring considerably less surface sealant. HARD-CEM is also recommended when flatness or the slab is a key criteria. There is no need to re-work the slab with HARD-CEM as there is with shake-on surface hardeners.